Sex toy rowdiness to be targeted by Newquay police -

Sex toy rowdiness to be targeted by Newquay police -

Herbal blue sex pills - do they work?

This is a really tough question, why? because due to the demand for these pills there are now several manufacturers some legitimate and some not.

The original Viagra is still only available on prescription in the UK as is any product that contains Sildenafil. There are however now herbal pills that contain natural freely available ingredients and we have tested a few. Some don't have any effect whatsoever whilst others give a slight headache and nothing much more. We have however come across a brand that do work. We bought some samples from the suppliers and gave them away to friends and family to try out. They all reported back to us that yes they do work and when compared to Viagra or Kamagra they have less side effects.

The only side effect reported to us was a slight green tint in the users vision for a few hours. We were told that unlike products containing Sildenafil these pills did not reduce sensitivity and went on to work for a full 24 hours! It was also reported to us that these tablets not only provide rock hard erections but also seemed to increase sexual desire. They are now stocked in our shop priced at just £5 for 4 tablets. You can buy these herbal blue pills here.

Sex toy Review - At last a rechargable toy!

Rechargeable dildos at last!

At long last, what have us ladies been waiting for? A rechargeable bedroom friend! We've had rechargeable toothbrushes for years, why the delay?

This delightful little device is not only rechargeable but also has the distinct benefit of not even looking like a sex toy! Ideal for when you've left it lying on the bedside table in view of the window cleaner or worse, your little one picks it up and asks the awkward question "whats this Mummy?"

Known as the Lelo Lily, this item oozes quality from the minute you take it out of the packaging. It comes in a lovely presentation box complete with an operating manual, recharger and a lovely satin pouch.

Lily has a silky smooth finish and is perfectly contoured to fit the female and give wonderful clitoral stimulation. She can deliver 5 different levels of stimulation each one giving no more than a whisper so you can be assured of discretion.

I must say I was a little unsure about how this little device would perform but I was pleasantly surprised. After a 2 hour charge Lily set about demonstrating her ability. As I said, I was surprised! The lily is available in 3 colours, sweet plum, petal pink and black satin.

One two hour charge provides seven hours of naughtiness. Overall, I'd have to give the Lily 10 out of 10, shes, rechargable, discreet and is such high quality I'm happy to keep her in my handbag in her satin pouch for emergencies. What more can you ask for in a sex toy?

Truth or dare anybody? I'll set the dares- you tell the truth!

How about we play a game? A game for couples, singles, a naughty game!

How about, each month I set a dare, we'll start of easy to begin with a bit of a tester. And then each month we'll up the stakes and even give prizes. What do you think? Is anybody out there up for a little fun? Whilst we're on the subject does anybody have any suggestions for me to consider for the first dare? Answer the door nude perhaps to the pizza delivery man? Wash the car nude, Get changed in a toilet of the opposite sex maybe? Buy shoes with a skirt on and no knickers? Hey I'm getting good at this already don't you think?

Please comment and show some support and I'll go away and think of something rude.

Dogging in the UK

Ok so I'm curious, I've read all about dogging but all the websites I seem to find have either annoying pop ups or links to depraved sites. Can anybody shed any light and perhaps a link on where to find a reliable site about dogging in the UK?

Maybe you can share some stories with us all or some advice for newbies to the dogging scene?

Please feel free to comment